Saturday, April 18, 2009

Basis in the business franchise

until we still often hear the suggestion that the franchise business should be built from the type of business already established and teruji for many years by the owner.
During the development and perintisan business entrepreneurs often find many results that are not in accordance with the original plan. In fact, often have failed many times before and then found success after more than ten years trying.

During the process perintisan that perhaps the survey and conducted according to the official objects diinginkanya, both themselves and other parties involved.

Employers often have found the product excellent results from planning and get a good response from pasara.Ternyata many things that need to be careful about the market opportunities and strategies to win the competition.

As a businessman who thinks the future-oriented and investment, many things that need to be memalui program research and development (R & D) before the offer to others the way foreign companies and several large-scale franchisor.

Some companies are also active promotion and expansion of market outlets. but does not do much research and development activities are intensive business, so many that fail and have to close the business in the middle of the road.

So also have the franchise company's incentive to do the expansion, but as more and rely less figure supported products / services must close the excellent outletnya part of the network.

Conditions have caused over the image of the public, especially potential investors, business and consumer franchises decreased dramatically. when so, should a campaign stop in soon and should focus on efforts to repair the system and service oriented to customers / consumers.

This means that the management company together with the owner must immediately make a business revitalization through R & D. Some employers have successfully built a business network through a series of process R & D, among others, in an integrated KFC, McDonald, Pizza Hut, Carefour, and the last Ice intoxicated 77.

Instead more and more owner capital bid to get the opportunity to conduct investment business (to be investors), including the franchise sector. But many offer only investment package unilaterally claimed by a number of franchisor and success can not yet tested through independent research.

As a franchisor is wise they should have franchibility study and prospects of selected outlets that must be done by the franchisor.
Incentive campaign

In fact only a few local franchisor has conducted such an integrated study. they still assume that it is a waste of your initial investment and a lack of need. While some of the losses suffered in the franchisor if the business failed and avoid the potential partners by investors.

Even for the foreign hunter or prospective master franchisee, the investor must overlooks the world with a research consultant to find the brand or product to be most suitable business partners in Indonesia.

Based on the experience of franchise companies, there are seven categories of R & D should be in sosialisasikan outlets to run the network and backup to be market leader product category.

Seventh category is franchibility (feasibility study franchisee), mapping studies market outlets and product services, standardization and product development based franchises, consumer research and preparation of customer satisfaction, product research and test mastery shop, study the feasibility of the location of candidate franhisee, audit and marketing outlets selected (Achieving target omzet monthly / annual).

While the results of observation, only thirty percent of the local franchise has a license / register. a little research and development of franchisor franchise terpadu.sebagian not have a team of local R & D, training centers, standardization of products and services, and organizational structure with the manager of a franchisee.

Therefore still need to be revitalized franchise industry across the business sector if you want to restore the image and investment opportunities in this sector.
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Friday, April 10, 2009

Evaluation in the 2009 general election indonesia: Victory democrat party and a list of voters remain problematic

version of the quick count was announced that the agency survey show democrat party winning the election vote in acquiring legislative institutions 2009.All survey states that the party winning 20% democratic vote party defeated Golkar and PDIP, previously a winner in the excitement 2004.Tetapi Election democrat party crucial problems that effect the level of credibility of the election in 2009, indonesia, where many residents are not listed in the voter list tetap.Beside that many people die or are declared under the age of entry in the list of voters remain.

Almost all regions in all indonesia that indikacate list of voters remain problematic.Kalau we Percentage based on reports from the media and among , cases that reach 20% to 30%. This makes the level of validity of election general in 2009 is all pihak. democrat party is certain to win or own worked list of voters who remain problematic indeed become a real winner of the election 2009.In this author tries to evaluate the results of 2009 general election voter list based on the cases remain problematic.Any 4 indication subject in evaluating the voter list remains problematic.
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First, poor countries indonesia administration system that is not managed professionally causes the time bomb exploded at the time of election 2009.because management of the administration have still occurred in indonesia overlap between a region with other regions or between the central administration and residence region.Sistem managed by the department in the country level has not been structured so that sometimes the system does not match data between departments in the country with the fact that there is in society.

Second, the profesionalan election commission members in the management of the election administration 2009.hal can be seen by the disruption of the election system from the latest distribution of voice mail, voice mail changes to the most crucial is the list of voters remain problematics.Election comission more rekreatif tend to do the work than do make over list of voters who remain problematic.

Third, the voter list remains problematic is the scenario of the parties in this particular incumbent in the decline of the voice from the party competitor.This is a strategy to calculate the power weakened so that the opponent is able to decrease the sound Percentage earned victory parties others.Skenario this indication can be places on the basis of a certain mass is a prop and sound support certain parties.

Fourth, this case is a scenario from the anti-democratic parties to conduct the election turmoil, so that momentum is a momentum to damage the credibility of electoral democracy 2009. anti democracy willeasy to convince the mass movement for anti-democracy and can easily to turned offer public confidence about the validity of the election.

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

16 Healthy Pregnant Tips

To maintain the pregnancy that the baby is still in the womb sehat.inilah early memilikianak for the period of pregnancy sehat.Dan this is determining the growth and development of the small later.
1. Control to the doctor for regular kehamilan.Dan examined at the time of the last months of pregnancy, control must be done as often as possible.
2.Hindari materials or chemical substances-substances that cause virulence as insektiseda, paint, and mercury.
3. Stop smoking or do not become passive smokers often as you inhale cigarette smoke from people from the surrounding areas such as your husband. Cigarette smoke can make the birth and small fall ill, less body weight and can also cause you to miscarry.
4. Drink more water, especially white. The incoming fluid is useful to help increase the blood volume that occur during pregnancy. Drink 6 to 8 glasses, can be a fruit juice, milk, water or regular white.
5. Consumption of nutritious food, to meet the nutritional adequacy for sikecil in the mother and fetus.
6. Consumption of vitamin mikrogram acid folat 400 per day, prior to the pregnancy in the first few months of pregnancy. This is useful to prevent tube defects and spinal nerves in the small
7. Consumption also penambah tablet blood, the tablets containing iron is 30 milligram per day during pregnancy, or in accordance with that recommended by doctors. iron is useful to prevent the occurrence of anemia during pregnancy that can cause a risk for the occurrence of bleeding during
8 Wash hands often, especially after handling raw meat during cooking or after using the toilets.
9. Get to know the situation themselves. If there are signs or symptoms that are not usually as painful, vagina bleeding, fetal merembesnya water, dizziness, fainting, become short of breath, trembling, a rapid pulse, nausea and vomiting continue, does not feel the fetus move, and other signs or symptoms, consult with your doctor.

10. Be careful in consuming drugs including medicines tradisional.termasuk also alcohol and caffeine.
11. Drugs that are frequently in drinking before pregnancy, for example, drugs for hypertension, epilepsy, asthma or diabetes should consult in the back with your doctor. Will need to make changes in or adjustments to your pregnancy.
12. Drugs that are sold freely separti for the flu and cough, may be dangerous to the fetus in kandungan.Oleh therefore consult it before drinking.
13. Do not hesitate or afraid to ask the doctor. Therefore, the fetus and the mother's health yourself.
14. Join in the class to class, such as pregnant women pregnant women, in addition to taking advantage of the class, candidates can also mothers share experiences and increase knowledge with other fellow prospective mother.
15. Keep beraktivitas akan well as for the mother and the prospective bayi.Olahraga that is usually safe for pregnant women such as running, sports, cycling static. But remember to always consult with your doctor before you start.
16. Eat in small portions but frequently, about 5 to 6 times per day. This is far better than to eat in 3 portions a day of eating pattern due to the small portions can reduce the nausea, vomiting in the morning and stomach aches. Avoid foods that can make a sore stomach, even though you like it, replace with a more nutritious food.
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Indonesia : opportunity to read the future and the post-election 2009

Without indonesia feel democracy has been through the rotation cycle in the annual 5 to process of learning democracy, elections have become a tradition in this country as the form changes the dynamics of the nation through systemic reform in the legislative and eksekutif. At 9 april later in 2009 is momentum for people to determine indonesia option for the future of the nation through the legislative election
This can be seen from the hurly burly of election campaigns in the party began 2009. All elite levels of the party cadres to work hard to persuade indonesia community the right to direct sound to the prospective members of the party with the promise of legislative change fate bangsa.Hampir throughout the country indonesia filled with baliho, leaflets, banners and leaflets containing the promise of change as the pitch to win partainya.Pada levels of the central party elite race-race advertising dimedia electronic tertanamkan issue for the changes that political parties managed to convince the public.
However, with the jargon or the ad socialized political parties, can alter the condition of indonesia kedepannya? If we try to evaluate the conditions on the election indonesia indonesia 2004 was not yet experienced significant changes to the political conditions and post-election ekonomi.Karena usually they are usually political appointments mengumbar akan forget after so they sit and dikursi legislatif.Dan as though the members of the legislative body that had already been watching the race akan explore opportunities for the project to restore the government only issued capital as the political manifestation as to be able to immediately reverse modal.Hal will shove back with the condition of the people who suffer post-election, and even add their terbebani price of fuel oil, and nine of the principal the higher and not affordable.
If we evaluate the conditions above, the 2009 general Elections will be achieving the desired changes appropriate?. Because if we see the condition and still has not changed much and the party elite and legislator continue promise to the particular interests of the community .Beside that increasingly apathetic to the condition partai-partai that some are still not many sides in the rakyat.Jadi election will be the only democracy party seremonial course, but they have not touched the substance of the general election as the embodiment of changes in economic and political structure of the nation indonesia. Then the question becomes, can Indonesia be changed post-2009 general election, let us watching together condition election results of 2009 and the changes after the 2009 general election.
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